Why You Lose Weight And Stay Slim Eating Plant-Based


Plants have a much lower caloric density than meat & animal based products so automatically support you in losing weight and feeling great.

What does that mean exactly?

This essentially means you can eat more food (and truly feel full) while consuming less calories. For this reason, a plant-based diet is commonly used as a sustainable weight loss method. Hunger is one of the most common reasons why people give up on diets so by eating plant-based the right way, you'll find a solution to the hunger and the weight will stay off long-term.

Watch this video for weight loss tips from 20 Plant Based doctors

Our Top Tips for eating plant-based and staying slim:

  1. Eat a varietyof whole, fresh plant foods and cook them using healthy methods. For example bake, steam or eat raw over frying. Make from scratch over shop bought and farmers market over grocery store, too!
  2. Cut out or lessen the amount of any oilscooked with or added to dishes.
  3. No or minimum animal products for the majority of the time.
  4. Pay attention to the type of plant-based foods you are consuming. Brown rice over white rice, sourdough over white bread and quinoa over couscous. 
  5. See going plant-based as eating more of the plant based foods you already enjoy and cut out the animal products you currently consume. For example, start eating more of the risottos and soups you love and go without the steak you might have ordered in the past. 

According to the Broad Study, people who ate Whole Food, Plant Based lost 18 lbs in Three months and 26 Ibs over the course of Six months. When the study ended, the subjects in the plant-based group felt so good they kept eating the same way on their own and lost 8 further pounds.  A year after the study finished, they had kept off all the weight! 

To find out more about this study and understand how this plant-based, whole food diet achieved the greatest weight loss results ever recorded at 6 and 12 months without limiting calorie intake or mandate regular exercise, you can watch Dr. Greger’s video here.

The moral of the story…eat plant foods and forget the foods made in plants.

To avoid slipping up:

-stock your home and office with great tasting, whole, fresh foods at all times (think ready chopped fruits, veggies and hummus in your fridge or a bag of chestnuts on your desk)

-Combine vegetables with starch this ensures the nutrients and proteins needed to feel satisfied for longer are digested properly and it takes longer to feel hungry. In turn, you eat less.