Inevitably there are times when our breakfast or lunch-time meals don’t tie us over and all we can think about is a delicious snack.

Snacks are great, and they can be a total life-saver when a boost of energyis needed or a major cravingis all-consuming and you can’t focus on anything else. However, the problem arises when said snack of choice is full of calories and therefore just junk. Sadly, this is true of most widely available grab-and-go foods which are packed full of processed, refined ingredients and often lead to weight gain.

By having the right mentality when you approach the topic of snacks and are ready with a variation of tasty, filling optionsto choose from your snack game will be ‘on-point’and low calorie. 

Having the right snacks around is a huge factor when it comes to losing weight… Convenience, a full fridge, condiment cupboard and pantry all play an important role in healthy snacking. Stock yours as suggested below, and you’ll always have the plant-based snacks that you love to hand.


Before we dive into our top 20 snack options, see our main snacking advice below:

  1. Keep fresh fruit, vegetables and nuts out on the counter.If something healthy and delicious is in your line of sight it’ll make it easier to stay away from sweet temptations. Keep them around the house and office and snack whenever hungry. 
  2. Always keep your leftovers.Have them cold, heat them up and add to them with seeds or condiments to switch it up and explore new flavour combinations.

Now for the juicy bit…

Savoury Snacks:

  1. Crudités with hummus or any other dip (green pea, red pepper)
  2. Edamame beans 
  3. Spring / Sushi rolls with brown rice
  4. Toast topped with hummus
  5. Seaweed sheets or kale chips 
  6. Chickpea & spice falafel balls (baked of course)
  7. Guacamole & flaxseed crackers
  8. Tamari roasted chickpeas
  9. Raw vegetable lettuce wraps with tahini sauce
  10. Plant-based pho, minestrone or miso soup

Sweet Snacks:

  1. Apple slices with sprinkled cinnamon
  2. Banana slices with Peanut butter
  3. Dates
  4. Toast topped with nut butters and fresh fruit
  5. Banana, almond butter & date smoothie
  6. Fruit salad or bowl of berries
  7. Raw nuts in their shells (by peeling or cracking them open, they last longer!)
  8. Any of our breakfast ideas

Through trial & error, find a range of whole-food snacks that best suit you, your energy levels and your lifestyle.Once you know what you enjoy, stock up on those things and keep them in the environments in which you spend the majority of your time (home, office, car etc.). By preparing yourself properly you set yourself up to succeed in eating healthy, being slim, feeling great... and avoid reaching for high calorie alternatives.