How To Order - Mexican Food

How to order in a Mexican restaurant

When we think of Mexican food we envisage vibrant colours, textures and tastes. Something else that springs to mind is that the base of most Mexican food… is plant-based. 

Corn, cabbage, beans, avocado, rice, lime, jalapenos, cilantro, nopal and tomatoes to name just a few – are typical ingredients in any Mexican dish and none come from an animal. 

Mexicans typically use produce grown on the land, and although there are meat additions to many TEX-MEX variations the original dishes often go without. 

This makes ordering plant-based food an easy process when you eat in a Mexican restaurant as long as you remember to communicate and be clear. 

Waiters assume that the average American loves added cheese, cream sauces and meat to their order. Let them know that you don’t eat any dairy or meat and they’ll be able to strip it back and serve you something authentically Mexican that’s absolutely delicious, plant-based and lower in calories. 

See below for some of our favourite Mexican dishes to order and note that all those in Italics are our most highly recommended for those hoping to lose weight.

  • Oven Baked Tortilla chips with fresh guacamole and tomato onion salsa 
  • Whole Black Beans with a classic cilantro, green onion, chilli and lime dressing
  • 'Mole Negro' 
  • 'Calabacitas' with a squash or zucchini base, tomatoes, onion, jalapeno and corn 
  • Jackfruit 'Tamales'
  • Mexican rice soup 
  • Black bean and corn soup
  • Grilled street corn ‘elotes’(without the cheese)
  • Quesadillas filled with mushrooms and sweet potato or other vegetables, beans and chickpeas.
  • Tacos filled with a variety of vegetables, beans, herbs and sauces (we’re big fans of the cauliflower, red cabbage and black bean ones)
  • Black bean burrito bowls with fresh toppings of avocado, sweet potato and spicy salsas. 
  • Enchiladas filled with beans or potatoes and spicy tomato based sauces. 

By eating plant-based Mexican cuisine, you avoid many of the unnecessary calories that come with cheese toppings and caramelized, slow cooked meat ingredients.

You know that stodgy, overly full feeling that you sometimes experience after eating Mexican fast food? Say goodbye to it when you choose your dishes according to our plant-based guidelines and finish feeling great next time round!

See ourPhoto Menufrom @Jajaja Plantas Mexicana, NYC for tried and tested dishes on the Go Healthy app.