Getting Started

At Go Healthy, we take inspiration from the Blue Zones. These are the places in the world that have the highest number of centenarians per capita and the Lowest rates of cancer, heart disease, diabetes and obesity.
These zones consist of; Okinawa, Japan; Sardinia, Italy; Nicoya, Costa Rica; Ikaria, Greece, and Loma Linda, California.
The lifestyle by which the people in these areas live is 90-95% plant based and has no highly processed or junk food.These people live off the local land, eat whole foods and reserve animal products for special occasions such as feast days and holidays only. We too think that this way of life is the ticket to longevity, a healthy weight and lots of energy. For this reason, we created the Go Healthy Plant Based appto educate, inspire and make it easier for you to take steps in a majorityplant-based direction, too.
Top Athletes such as Super Bowl quarterback Tom Brady, Tennis Champion Novak Djokovic, Two-time International surfing gold medallist Tia Blanco and NBA All-star Chris Paul are eating plant based and thriving. These competitors are breaking age barriers, achieving better performance and have increased endurance and faster recovery. These athletes have to be lean and strongto be at the top of their game and a majority or fully whole food, plant-based lifestyle is their ticket to great results.
We believe that if you are making this lifestyle change to increase a personal best, feel better in a swimsuit or shed some holiday pounds then a slow and steady approach works well when it comes to transitioning from a standard American diet to a whole food, plant-based one.Find a method that works for you long-term so that this change is sustainable and you can stick to it for long enough to reap and love the benefits going forward.
To reverse disease when your health is in jeopardy – a 100% plant-based lifestyle is how you will see the results you need most quickly and one that we would recommend transitioning to. We find thatn very often people are quick to realise that they don’t miss animal products once they begin a plant-based lifestyle because their new found feeling of better health and lighter weight outweighs any satisfaction that a meat-based meal once could have given them.
In order to start your plant-based lifestyle today, follow these Five simple steps:
1. Use the Go-Healthy mapto find recommended restaurants and plant dishes in your area.
2. If you’re a connoisseur in the kitchen, use the recipe sectionof Go-Healthyto inspire new low-calorie dishes at home.
3. Watch one of our recommended documentariesto fully understand the benefits of being plant-based. You’ll hear from doctors that pioneered this movement and explore the overwhelming scientific evidence with success stories from people who have completely changed their lives!
4. Learnhow to batch cook, meal prep and set your fridge upso you always have tasty, healthy options to eat and can avoid reaching for something full of saturated fat, refined sugars and processed carbohydrates.
5. Understand the power of nutrient and caloric density... Why do plant based foods fill you up, help you slim down and make you feel great whilst achieving balanced nutrition? Read the Caloric Density article in the Learn sectionof the app to understand this way of low-calorie, high volume eating which you might not quite believe is true at first. We promise it is!
To slim down and live a long, disease free life aim to eat 95% whole food plant based. However, if you have diabetes, heart disease or are overweight, go 100% plant based, oil and refined or processed food free for the best results.