Batch Cooking

Batch cooking is an effective method of meal preparation where you cook more food... less often. Freezing, fermenting and cooking your food with time means that it stays fresh and edible for longer (if stored correctly) so that you can access it when you're pressed for time. 

It enables you to eat healthily and conveniently on a plant-based diet while not reaching for processed, junk options out of lack of preparation. These are the culprits for unhealthy weight gain and something we must all try to avoid for overall good health.

Below we outline the main Four aspects of batch cooking to take in mind when preparing your food and how to store it to effectively maintain freshness and quality.

Staples & Bases-

Fill your fridge with 4-5 base staples you can cook ahead of time before mixing & matching them with a variety of toppings for the rest of the week. Savoury, high protein black beans, chickpeas, oats, brown rice or quinoa are all staple options with great nutritional value and serve as the base of many meals such as: tacos, beans over rice, hearty salads, soups or oatmeal.

Whole Vegetables- Roast a batch of tasty vegetables such as cauliflower, Portobello mushrooms, eggplant, peppers, sweet potatoes, onions, tomatoes and squash to keep in the fridge. They will last 3-4 days and you can eat them cold on any of the bases mentioned above or heated to enjoy with a sprinkle of seeds, roasted chickpeas or herbs.

Fresh Greens- To prepare your fresh produce, wash your herbs, leaves and greens when you get home from the grocery store and pre-chop, sort and store them in the fridge. This way you can easily and quickly access varied, fresh ingredients to add to dishes for low-calorie flavour.

Hearty Soup- switch it up each week with a new batch of soup or a casserole full of vegetables, beans and pulses. Often, these dishes taste better as the week goes on because flavours have time to combine and become richer. A slice of toasted sourdough pairs perfectly with our favourite Minestrone, sweet potato & carrot or tomato & red pepper soups. They keep for up to 4 days in an airtight container in the fridge.