Alcohol - What are your options?

Alcohol – What are your options?

One of our most Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’S) is ‘can I drink alcohol when following the Go Healthy approach?’

The answer is yes...of course!

We are all about helping you make food and lifestyle decisions that help you live your best life feeling confident in a healthy body you are happy with. If sharing a glass of red wine or spicy margarita with your friends at theweekend helps you relax, enjoy and have fun, then we are all for it.After all, we take much of our inspiration from the Blue Zones where a glass of red wine is the ticket to a long, healthy life.

However, we don’t only urge people to drink alcohol in moderationbut we also want you to be able to make the most low-calorie beverage decisions when you order your next drink.Cocktails are often loaded with sugar and unnecessary calories which won’t support your weight loss goals. See below for our favouritelow-calorie options-

Vodka with Soda– it’s clean, clear and tastes delicious with a squeeze of fresh lemon, some mint leaves or cucumber. With only 133 calories in a 7.5 ounce serving this is as low-calorie as it gets.

Tequila on the rocks– it is said that a good quality tequila will actually speed up your metabolism and is good for digestion. Whether that’s an old wives’ tale or not, drink it with a splash of lime and lots of ice. You could add some soda to dilute. A shot of tequila (the amount used on ice) has only 99 calories.

White Wine spritzer– have half the amount of wine with some unflavoured soda or sparkling water and you’ve got yourself a refreshing cocktail. A small glass of white wine has 133 calories.

Red wine– calories range from 110-130 calories per glass and it is said that the polyphenols (which come from the deep red colouring of the grape wine) and nutritional value can have health benefits if consumed in moderation.

Hard Seltzer– there are countless options on the market at the moment, but make sure you find a brand low in calories and without added sugars. Our favourite would be Coronas Hard Seltzer (90 calories per can), San Juan (93 calories per can) and White Claw (95 calories per can).

Alcohol is incredibly dehydrating so when consuming it, we suggest increasing your intake of mineral water and alternating between the two. When our body is dehydrated our organs and digestion function less effectively which can lead to nausea, headaches, achy muscles and brain fog that are sometimes associated with hangovers.